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Come follow the Wild Goose


If you desire to be firmly rooted in your identity and equipped to live passionately for the Lord, we invite you to apply for the Gateways Training School! This consecrated season will provide you with an extraordinary opportunity for life changing discipleship and deep spiritual formation in the context of a loving community.  We challenge you to come away from the distractions and the noise and spend a season whole-heartedly pursuing your God in the company of friends.  

Applications Open:
Feb 15th - May 25th
Who: Adults Ages 18-30
Cost: $3300


To raise up a multitude of young, consecrated followers of Jesus who are "prepared for every good work".

2 Timothy 3:16


To train and equip this generation to be lovers of the Word and radical followers of Jesus.


To build healthy sustainable rhythms that are centered around a deep love for the Lord and intimacy with each other.  Prayer and worship, discipleship, honoring biblical feasts, and outreach...all help to set the tempo for this consecration season.



Chapter One of the GTS focuses on discipleship. We believe Jesus intended for us to follow Him together in the company of friends.We are called to be a part of a family…the family of God!  We discover our true identity and purpose best when we welcome others into our lives and we receive trusted mentorship, wisdom and guidance that we cannot obtain on our own. 

Being discipled requires vulnerability, humility, and a willingness to receive honest feedback. Your “yes” to the GTS means you are saying yes to being led by our staff and leaders to speak into your life. As a community, we deeply long to gather around the presence of the Lord with extended times of worship and prayer.  Saying yes to this season is allowing yourself to get swept up with us as we adore Jesus together.  We believe that revelation and transformation happen best in an atmosphere of joy and we know that in his “presence is fullness of joy”.  Psalm 16:11


Community Living

We believe that community is the joyful gathering of committed friends who have decided that life is better when lived together and with common purpose. God designed us for intentional connection and gave us a desire to belong to a family. He’s the God who sets the solitary into families.  In a culture of narcissism, independence, and isolationism, we resist the notion that spiritual formation is simply about self care. Actually…being a disciple involves denying ourselves and following him alongside other faithful saints. To live in community is to live life wide open, to embrace vulnerability and allow yourself to be seen even in the uncomfortable. We cherish this close-knit kind of living and believe that, if utilized to its full potential, it will aid in developing and maintaining healthy relationships with those that you are rubbing shoulders with in an “iron sharpening iron” sort of way. The trials of practicing healthy communication through conflict are worthy of the deep intimacy and covenantal friendships that will be produced.  Times of celebration and rejoicing are also a significant part of walking this path together!  Gathering around the table to share life and a hearty meal is where much learning and growth takes place.  Discipleship in community is not simply about learning in a classroom, but it’s choosing to submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit moment by moment.


Biblical Rhythms

We believe the God has built rhythm into the very fabric of all He has created. You are invited to journey with us as we march to the sound of His master drum.  He is the one who sets the tempo for your life and welcomes you to follow along in His biblically prescribed seasons for working, resting, and rejoicing.  Working together is extremely important and during the will get to be a part of cultivating, growing, and harvesting gardens on our beautiful Bear Creek property.  We ask that all participants would be willing to learn and grow in new, practical areas that may challenge them.  Outside of work, we want to steward the health of our bodies in recreation and exercise.  We will have intentional workouts, cultivate the land, go on hikes, swim, and do many other Pacific Northwest activities and adventures.  Rest is also important and it is our great joy to honor the Lord of the Sabbath by taking a full day to relax and be refreshed in our God.  Students will also learn about seven biblical feasts that have been given to us for our good and bring much enrichment to our lives.  These are times of great joy and celebration as a community.

What you can expect at the GTS

  1. Heart and character transformation

  2. Personal growth in your God-given identity and giftings

  3. Deepen your prayer and devotional life

  4. Be enriched by the Jewish roots of your faith

  5. Rhythms of worship and intercession

  6. Practical biblical training...including teaching from well seasoned leaders

  7. To receive the gift, challenge, and choice of being immersed into community life

  8. Growth in cultivating righteous relationship and conflict resolution

  9. School leaders dedicated to meeting with you and walking closely with you daily throughout your school.

  10. To engage in community meals daily

  11. Living in communal housing with other students for the duration of the GTS

  12. Practicing stewardship through tending to the land together

  13. Rhythms of rest and recreation

  14. Learning  how to Sabbath

  15. Hands-on learning (gardening, preserving food, animal husbandry, wood and metal working, construction, and land stewardship)

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