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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does a week look like?

A:  Daily worship and prayer.  Dynamic teaching and impartation in the mornings.  Outreach into the city. Team building exercises that will include: tending to gardens, learning food preservation, hands on construction projects, land clearing, trail building, and much more! Weekly Sabbath celebrations.  We will gather for worship Sunday evenings and enjoy regional worship gatherings from time to time.

Q: Is the school full time?

A: Yes, we meet Monday through Friday and we take our Sabbath on Saturdays to fully participate in the rest of the Lord.  Additionally, on Sundays we will connect to the church of the city and take time to adventure in the beautiful natural surroundings that the PNW offers.  

Q: Can I work while attending the Gateways Training School?

A: No.  Because of the pace of the GTS, it is essential that our students dedicate the full 3 months to the requirements of the school.  It is impractical to try and balance other part-time jobs, work remotely, or even take online classes while participating in the school.

Q: What does the tuition include?

A: Classes, materials, transportation, food, and housing.

Q: Are married couples and families able to attend?

A: Yes!  Reach out to us to get more information for your unique situation.

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